ICCCDS 2022 looks forward to provide a platform to researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the following fields to provide an opportune forum and vibrant platform for Researchers. Quality papers will be published in Scopus Indexed Journal of International repute & AIP Proceeding (Scopus)

Communication Engineering and Computing
  • Optical Communications & Networking
  • RF Circuit/ Narrow and UWB Antenna Design
  • Wireless Communications & Networking
  • Mobile Networks & Software Defined Radio
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Web Intelligence Applications and Search
  • Hybrid Intelligent Systems and applications
  • Mobile Network Security
  • And Related…
Artificial Intelligence & Signal Processing (AISP)
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Visual & Audio Data Mining
  • Data Mining & AI
  • Deep Learning Platforms
  • Data Clustering
  • Computer Vision 
  • Biomedical Signal Processing & Applications
  • Medical Informatics 
  • And Related…
Data Security & Internet of Things
  • High end Embedded aspects Applications
  • Green lot: Sustainable Design & Technologies 
  • Application areas in IoT: system and Designing
  • Energy Management, Military & Education Sector
  • Modern Embedded Software and Real Time Application
  • Design and simulations for EV
  • Big data security and privacy
  • IOT Security
  • And Related…
Automation, Robotics & Control
  • Analog/Digital/Mixed-signal Circuit
  • Sensors, Transducers, Optoelectronic Devices & MEMS ,Power Devices and Applications
  • Robotics, Unmanned Vehicle- Design & Simulations
  • Artificial Intelligence in Automation & Control Mechanism
  • Application areas in health care sector, waste management
  • Biometrics
  • Applications of Sustainable Energy and Resources
  • Augmented Reality and Applications
  • And Related…
Special Track: Technology in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  Selected papers likely to be published in Conference Proceeding / Scopus Indexed Journal  
  • The design of technology-facilitated learning systems and environments
  • The integration of emerging technologies, such as social media, web.2.0 tools, and games in teaching and learning
  • Preparing teachers to use emerging technologies in classrooms
  • Use of ICT to support the application of contemporary pedagogical models in the virtual space
  • The theoretical frameworks and /or practical strategies on how technology can be used to facilitate teaching and learning
  • The assessment of technology-facilitated learning
  • The psychological, social and cultural impacts of technology in education
  • Tools, strategies, task design and implementation, impact on the teaching–learning–evaluation process
  • Digital citizenship: Concept, practices, and assessment
  • Assessment and Evaluation practices
  • Lessons learned from this crisis and implications for future digital education and training
  • Technology-supported strategies and techniques for promoting social connections and collaborations in the virtual space
  • Teacher and/or learner-generated content and experiences via new and emerging technologies
  • Collaborative media production and sharing, development of e-books, design of AR learning objects
  • Collaborative media production and sharing, development of e-books, design of AR learning objects
  • Artificial Intelligence in designing tools, evaluation , digital material
  • And Related…

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