Review process

Scope and Focus

The International Conference on Communication, Computing, and Data Security-ICCCDS 2024 is an initiative of TCET that offers multiple platforms for all the stakeholder holders under one roof to contribute their original research work. The International Conference on Communications, Computing, and Data Security (ICCCDS) aims to bring together researchers, engineers, and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects in the fields of electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computing and Data Security. This conference is being jointly organized by the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, the Department of the Internet of Things, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) of Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai.

TCET has successfully held thirteen international events in rows ICWET 2010, 11, 12 and MULTICON W 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 in association with international journals of repute and multinationals in the IT industry with an objective to reach a new horizon.

The objective of ICCCDS 2023 is to advance high-caliber research in the areas of Communications, Computing, and Data Security. The organizers take immense pleasure to invite your contributions for the Conference on Communications, Computing and Data Security (ICCCDS-2024) during February 23rd -24th, 2024.

Submission Guidelines:
Abstract Submission
The abstract must be limited to 250 words, and a maximum of 10 keywords is allowed
For accessing the abstract template, kindly visit the webpage
Paper Submission
On Acceptance of abstract, full paper can be submitted to
The papers should contain the paper titles, author names, contact numbers, email addresses, organizational addresses, city, state, and country.
For the full paper template, please visit the webpage
To complete your registration, use the link:
For additional information and inquiries, please refer to the conference webpage About ICCCDS - International Conference on Communication, Computing and Data Security-2023 (ICCCDS - 2023):
Peer Review Process:


1. Call for Papers:
The conference organizers issue a call for papers, outlining the submission guidelines, deadlines, and themes.
2. Paper Submission:
Researchers submit their abstracts or full papers electronically through the conference platform.
3. Initial Screening
The program committee or designated reviewers conduct an initial screening to check for:
Compliance with submission guidelines
Plagiarism check
Basic relevance to the conference theme
4. Blind Review
Selected papers undergo a double-blind review process, where:
Reviewers' identities are anonymized from authors.
Authors' identities are anonymized from reviewers.
Each paper is assigned to at least 2-3 reviewers with relevant expertise
5. Review Evaluation
Reviewers submit their assessments based on pre-defined criteria, such as:
Originality and significance of the research
Scientific soundness of the methodology
Clarity and quality of writing
Overall contribution to the field
6. Author Notification:
Authors receive reviewer feedback, categorized as:
Accept: Paper is accepted for presentation and publication.
Reject: Paper is rejected without the possibility of revision.
Revise and Resubmit: Paper requires improvements before being reconsidered.
7. Revision and Resubmission (if applicable):
Authors address reviewers' comments and submit revised papers within a specified timeframe.
8. Final Decision
Based on revised papers and reviewer recommendations, the program committee makes the final decision on paper acceptance
9. Notification of Final Results
Authors are informed of the final decision (accepted, rejected, or waitlisted).
10. Presentation and Publication
Accepted papers are presented at the conference and may be included in the conference proceedings or a dedicated journal
Review Criteria:
The submitted papers are evaluated based on following points –
Results and Findings
Contribution to the Field
Clarity of Presentation
Ethical Considerations
Relevance to Conference Theme
Presentation and Communication
Adherence to Guidelines
Plagiarism and Ethics:
All the papers will be checked using Turnitin software for plagiarism.
Publication Policies
Selected quality papers will be published in one of the following Journals
AAP book series
ICTACT Journals (UGC Care
Language and Style:
For the full paper template, please visit the webpage
Conflict of Interest:
All authors need to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may influence the review process or the presentation of research.
Feedback Mechanism:
Communication to authors for feedback will be done through mail.